About The Science Centre And Planetarium

About the Science Centre and Planetarium


The Regional Science Centre and Planetarium, Calicut—one of the most visited places in Calicut and one of the most active science centres under the umbrella of the National Council of Science Museums, Ministry of Culture, Government of India —is home to more than 15,000 square feet of hands-on exhibits designed to spark scientific inquiry and creativity. This place presents a plethora of facilities to delight all people of all age by its diversity of themes. We regularly hold indoor and outdoor events related to science - each one more fascinating than the last one. Visit the center and come out with an enhanced understanding of our world - terrestrial and beyond. We are planning an upgrade for our forthcoming Silver Jubilee on 2022.

This centre was inaugurated on 1997 by the Shri.(Late) E.K.Nayanar, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Kerala. Planetarium, Fun Science gallery, Children’s activity corner, Life Science, Science Park, Auditorium & Activity hall were the facilities available for visitors during the beginning period.

In 2006 old auditorium was converted to 3D theatre. This facility was inaugurated in 2006 by Shri.E.K.Ahmed, Hon’ble Union Minister of state for external affairs.

Fun Science gallery was dismantled in 2007 and shifted the exhibits to Children’s activity corner. Gallery on Human Endurance has been set by replacing the Fun Science Gallery in 2007.Childrens activity corner had been converted to Fun Science Gallery.

The Human Endurance Gallery was inaugurated by Shri.M.A.Baby, then Education Minister of Kerala. The centre converted the activity hall to Miiror magic in 2008.

Shri.Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, then Minister of Home affairs ,Govt.of Kerala  inaugurated the Mirror Magic in February 2008.An additional block was constructed in 2008.The new block consists of Exhibition Hall and Auditorium. Astronomy Gallery has been set up in the new block in 2010.

The hall was inaugurated by Shri.T.K.A Nair, Principal Secretary to Prime Minister of India. Two galleries Life Science and fun science were renovated in 2009 and 2010 respectively. Human Endurance gallery was dismantled in 2017.Gallery on Hall of Ocean was inaugurated on 5th May 2019 by Shri.Pinarayi Vijayan, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Kerala.

With a modest beginning on January 30, 1997 Calicut Planetarium has crossed a long way with a track record of about five lakh footfall presenting 1200 Shows annually. Thus, today the planetarium at Calicut is equipped with a hybrid projection system comprising nine channel digital Powerdome system with nine JVC DLA RS65 projectors and fully refurbished RFP DP2 Space Flight Opto-mechanical Projection system from Carl Zeiss, Jena, Germany.  

Planetarium Shows

The first three shows were procured from B M Birla Planetarium, Hyderabad. Then we started developing in-house planetarium shows. This involved development of script, visuals, music, recording and synchronizing. In a span of seventeen years of its history, the centre conceptualized and developed as many as sixteen main shows with Dona and the universe being its debut attempt.

Further it was observed that, after the winter vacation the centre is invariably flooded with students from lower and upper primary sections. They were too young to follow any astronomical stuff that we discussed during the normal public shows which is generally kept at the standards of high school students. Applying new strategy, we formulated a new method of making shows for the kids using cartoon slides. This weaved success in making our young visitors to have a meaning in visiting planetarium.

Thus, we ventured into developing eight shows for primary school groups. Also two community based shows on RAMADAN and ONAM and one special show on Indian Astronomy was developed. The maximum number of shows hit a day is recorded to be nineteen.




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Learning without boundaries..

Science learning shouldn’t be limited to four walls of school/college or laboratory. Science Centre’s have removed these boundaries and open the doors to the public to learn science in a non-formal way. Irrespective of age and qualification any one can learn science by interacting with the exhibits and various activities inside the Museum/Centre. The Science Centre/Museum movement in India was started in the year 1959 and started its expansion throughout the country by building 100+ science centers in India.                     

The expansion of science centre mevement is still on to take the movement to the next level.

Regional Science Centre & Planetarium, Calicut which was opened to the public on 30th Jan, 1997 has made remarkable contributions to the state of Kerala. Especially the Planetarium is a famous destination to the locals and tourists in the Malabar region.

I am happy to inform that I have recently taken over the charge as Project Coordinator of RSC& P, Calicut. I give full credit to the entire team of RSC, Calicut who have worked relentlessly in successfully maintaining the enthusiasm, in spite of struggles and challenges over the years. I will try my best possible ways to make the Centre more popular among the public in coming days.

To compete with the digitally changing world, very soon we are going to upgrade the planetarium with a new hybrid system. New gallery on Astronomy and Thematic Musical Park are in the pipeline.

Do visit to Science Centre and Planetarium and participate in our activities and also give your valuable suggestions and feedback so that we can serve you better.


M M K Balaji

Project Coordinator

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Mission & Vision

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Our Mision

The Centre’s mission is to play a leading role in transforming man’s relationship with science, technology and nature. Create an active environment in which the student community of all ages finds ample scope to be curious about natural laws and natural sciences inculcating process of discovery and innovation. Encourage young minds of all backgrounds to explore and develop their interests in understanding the natural and human-made world. Our role becomes ever more critical as science and technology evolves and transforms our lives and world, and it means we: Promote active citizenship capable of making informed decisions in science and technology. We inspire lifelong learning of the science and engineering including mathematics. In doing so, we will continue to build exhibits and topical Exhibitions, organize workshops, symposium, seminars and trainings, demonstrate experimental science and use our educational perspective as an informal learning institution to help the formal students of all ages.

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Our Vision

In RSCP we believe that everyone can contribute in the world of science and technology – as learners, as future scientists or engineers, as citizens of our nation, as community leaders and members of the workforce, as consumers, and as stakeholders of our people. The Science Centre is committed to deepening the public’s relationship with science and technology by leading efforts throughout the country, in both formal and informal educational arenas, to redefine the roles that science centers can play. We will continuously transform our exhibits and programs to tell a story of the natural world and the material world that focuses on the important connections, sustainability and interdependencies of these worlds. Throughout Malabar region, we will form partnerships with educational institutions to enrich our content, to make them more meaningful, and to aid technology mitigated learning to build and strengthen our community

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