Planetariums are hemispherical domed theatres that project images of the starry sky and countless objects we find in our universe, creating educational experiences that teach astronomy and related sciences. Planetariums educate people about the objects in the sky, their relative movements by simulating the night sky of a particular place at a particular time.

Calicut Planetarium and the programmes it runs gives you a unique experience.


In a time when quality science education is more important than ever, a scientifically literate public is an essential part of the progress of any country. Planetariums around the world both inspire and educate people of all ages about our surroundings-the Earth itself and our place in the Universe-and they are often a place in which young people become enthused to follow a scientific career. Many of today's leading scientists chose their careers because they were captivated by the experience of a planetarium visit.

Calicut planetarium is equipped with hybrid planetarium technology, which is the integration of opto-mechanical projection and full dome digital hi definition projection. Opto-mechanical projection gives us uncompromising virtual night sky and digital all dome projection provides us startling full dome movie graphics using nine numbers of JVC DLA RS 65 projectors, Powerdome is powerful software to integrate opto-mechanical and digital projections.

Daily 4 shows conduct in the planetarium.

Show Timings: 12n, 2pm, 4pm & 6pm.

Duration:30 minutes

Live interactive planetarium astronomy shows are available for school groups with prior booking.